Janet Sung is a Korean-American illustrator and designer specializing in creating colorful, playful stationery and accessories. Originally starting her shop from NYC in 2012, she's been shipping out orders from sunny Los Angeles since 2021.

Janet has worked in editorial, publishing, and animation with clients such as Refinery29, The Washington Post, Medium, Titmouse, Reedpop, and Disney Hyperion. She is also 1/2 of the curating team ofย Dream Market Digital, a series of artist pop ups.

Over the years, KURU731 became her dream shop project and takesย heavy inspiration from her childhood, anime, fashion, sexuality/sensuality, and the internet.

To view more of her work, you can view her portfolio here or follow her atย @kuru731

Thank you for the support over the years!โ˜…


Meet The Team

Janet + Big Boss Teddy